Gunie wordpress theme

Gunie wordpress theme

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If you want a WordPress that has an edgy feel to it but is still well-designed and accessible to visitors, Gunie is an excellent choice. The Gunie theme displays its edginess by featuring an intentionally rough area. The theme then transitions to a wood grain navigation menu, which is followed by a post area with a dark background and text.

The reason this theme stands out from so many others that have an edgy feel is because it provides this roughness but still makes the body of the theme easy to read. The left column of the theme’s body dark text on a light background, which is the ideal combination for making your easy for your visitors to read. Gunie also provides a nice accent to the posts by displaying the comment count in a small bubble with a wood grain background.

The right column provides all of the extras that you need, including tasteful advertising, your latest Tweets, categories, archives and an area for you to link to other blogs and websites that you want your readers to visit as well.

To show featured posts, put all posts you want to feature in a separate category and select this category as featured in theme page.

To show images in featured posts, create called “thumbnail” and paste an url to 222×148 px image in its value

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