iZen wordpress theme

iZen wordpress theme

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If you like themes that are clean and subtle, you will love Zen. The biggest strength of the Light Zen is that it provides a lot of functionality without being cluttered.

The top of the theme features a logo area, interactive navigation menu and attractive media icons. Instead of displaying the RSS feed button in the usual way, Light Zen integrates it in a clever way.

Below the top area is the main two column body of the theme. The left column begins with a sliding featured posts , and then goes on to display the blog’s most recent posts. The column provides readers with an extra level of interaction by displaying your Tweets, and then showing a nicely integrated advertising section, search box and additional navigation sections.

The biggest reason that Light Zen is a good choice is because it makes your posts easy for visitors to read. Each post has a large title, and the body of each post uses an easy to read font, is well-spaced and has a dark font on a light background.

To show featured posts, put all posts you want to feature in a separate category and select this category as featured in theme page.

To show images in featured posts, create field called “thumbnail” and paste an url to 222×148 px in its value

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